Tuesday, 14 June 2016

ABZZz... A Bedtime Alphabet

ABZZz... A Bedtime Alphabet

By Isabel Minhos Martins & Yara Kono
Published by Thames & Hudson

This is no ordinary Alphabet book, it's a Bedtime based one which is a great idea - especially with the all important snoozing letter Z! 

The book starts with a short introduction, explaining to the reader that they should be prepared to fall fast asleep as most readers fall asleep before reaching the letter P. I felt this was a nice touch as it almost sets the child a challenge to get to sleep before the book ends.

Yara Kono's illustrations are beautifully rendered, full of cute child characters and adorable animals. The choice of subject for each letter is refreshing, with each one being linked to helping the child drop off. There's also explanations to what sleep helps us with, which again will help a child that finds it difficult to shut those eyes.

This is the perfect wind down book for any younger child that finds it hard to drift off to sleep. The colours are consistent and not too loud, using simple shapes and screen-printed textures on mostly solid colour backgrounds.

There's also lots of funny moments that made me chuckle, I especially loved P, with Pee being the subject. The yellow puddle summed it up nicely. With lots of interactive elements and activities to help parents make that bedtime routine that little bit easier.

ABZZz... A Bedtime Alphabet is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Thames & Hudson website here.

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