Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Skip to the Loo, My Darling!

Skip to the Loo, My Darling!

Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones
Illustrated by Anita Jeram
Published by Walker Books

I would like to say a big thank you to Walker Books for this lovely potty book - Aoife has just turned 2 and we will be looking to start potty training soon. This sweet illustrated book will hopefully have Aoife skipping to the potty! 

Bunny is in need of his potty and there’s only one thing to do…skip to the loo! But bunny isn’t the only one that needs the loo, there’s quite a few others; a bouncy kangaroo, a lonely dodo, a ballerina elephant, a naughty monster and many more creatures. When everyone is on their potty, it’s time to poo! It’s a fun potty party, but wait, is someone missing? Could it be you? There’s a surprise mirror at the end for little ones to look in and find themselves at the potty party.

Skip to the Loo, My Darling! is fun, with a rhythmic and rhyming beat, it’s already stuck in my head and I can imagine that Aoife will be singing this when we will be skipping (or rushing) to the potty. 

With pages filled with sweet characters, children will enjoy spotting them out. It has a traditional feel, with illustrations in watercolour and muted colours (Anita Jeram also illustrated Guess How Much I Love You), and has a lovely look and feel. Definitely a book to be passed down for future potty trainees. 

For more details, please check out the Walker Books link here. Available in all good bookshops and online, this book would make a lovely gift for any 2 year olds who are embarking on potty/toilet training. 

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