Monday, 27 June 2016

The Big Adventure Of A Little Line

The Big Adventure Of A Little Line

By Serge Bloch
Published by Thames & Hudson

If there was ever a love letter to the art of illustration, then this is it in a beautiful picture book from master of the line, Serge Bloch.

The story is an epic one and is told in a longer than usual picture book containing 88 pages! We meet a small boy who goes out for a walk. On his way he finds a little line lying on the ground. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket and forgets about it. But the little line has other ideas…

What continues is the life of this boy, who becomes a teenager, a man with a family and then an older man in his twilight years. The older man then decides its time for someone younger to discover the line and he leaves a piece of the line in the same place he found it all those years ago - continuing the cycle.

The illustrations in the book are full of life, some pages feel almost animated. Serge also moves from childish doodles to more skilled illustrations as the boy gets older - showing how he is growing as an artist. I especially love the list of artists and illustrators Serge lists at the end of the book, including legends such as Quentin Blake and Tomi Ungerer - a fitting tribute to such a heartfelt story. 

A tremendous and very beautiful picture book and one VERY BIG adventure, I would recommend this book to all artists and designers as they're sure to see themselves in there somewhere. The Big Adventure Of A Little Line is available in all good bookshops and on the Thames & Hudson website hereI also recommend checking out the marvellous video of Serge doing some doodling below especially for the launch of the book.

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