Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Smart About Sharks

Smart About Sharks

By Owen Davey
Published by Flying Eye Books

What a better way to celebrate Shark Week than to get your hands on this beauty. From the creator of the best selling Mad About Monkeys, Owen Davey brings the fascinating world of sharks to life using his signature style. I'd advise you to take a deep breath and immersive yourself into the deep to learn about these truly magnificent fish.

Jammed packed full of new fascinating facts about sharks, the book explores all the species, covering their behaviour and eating habits. I wasn't too familiar with the shark world before I picked this up, but from just a first read through I found myself hooked and quoting facts to family members. 

Owen Davey's illustrations are beautifully rendered throughout and the colour palette used is very pleasing to the eye, with pink being often used for a backdrop. He covers everything from what a shark eats to comparing the size of Dwarf Lanternshark to a pencil.

This is an Owen Davey must buy. In the same vain as Mad About Monkeys, this book is sure to help educate a child about how there's much more to sharks than what is represented through TV and other media (there's more to them than just being scary predators!). All in all it's a truly immersive read!

Smart About Sharks is available to buy now in all good bookshops and on the Flying Eye books website.

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