Tuesday, 14 June 2016

There's A Bison Bouncing On The Bed!

There's A Bison Bouncing On The Bed!

By Paul Bright & Chris Chatterton
Published by Little Tiger 

There's nothing quite like bouncing on the bed, it's not quite as bouncy as a trampoline but its still just as fun. But too much bouncing can lead to a broken bed, as we discover from this new book from Paul Bright and Chris Chatterton.

Bison is bouncing on the bed, and before long he is joined by Aardvark, Beetle and Chipmunk. But too much bouncing can only mean one thing - the bed bends, shakes and finally breaks. And before Beetle gets the blame for joining in, the bed seems to have one other inhabitant - Grizzly Bear! And he isn't too happy about his now broken bed.

Chris Chatterton is no stranger to this blog, with a whole host of new books bouncing to bookshelves near you he's one to watch. His colourful characters are adorable - my favourite being the cheeky chipmunk. Paul's bonkers rhyming text is funny and full of surprise, especially the ending which I wasn't expecting at all. The perfect book for fun bedtime reading!

This is a fun filled and colourful story which all small bed bouncers will throughly enjoy. There's A Bison Bouncing On The Bed! is available to buy from all good bookshops and from the Little Tiger Press website here.

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