Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Petunia Paris's Parrot

Petunia Paris's Parrot

By Katie Haworth (Author), Jo Williamson (Illustrator)
Published by Templar Publishing

This is the debut picture book from Katie Haworth and Jo Williamson. Petunia Paris is one of those children you'd usually find in a Roald Dahl book, but here, instead of her meeting a grizzly end she finds that a parrot given as a birthday present is about to teach her a very valuable lesson. 

Petunia has everything she could ever wish for, from a swimming pool to a bicycle with its very own chauffeur! So when Petunia's birthday comes around and she asks for a talking parrot she doesn't quite get the present she was hoping for. She wants the parrot to talk, sing, but the parrot refuses to. So Petunia goes at all lengths to find out why her parrot is too stubborn to say a single word.

This is a hilarious story about not always getting what you want. Petunia meets her match in the parrot and the parrot helps turn Petunia from a spoilt child into a more understanding and caring child. She gives up her new friend so he can be happy, a valuable lesson for any child that will help ensue sharing and kindness.

Katie brings charming illustrations to life with an interesting colour themes which really give the last fold out spread really pop. The story will certainly charm younger children, and there's plenty here for them to come back to again and again. 

Petunia Paris's Parrot is available now from all good bookshops and from the Templar website.

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