Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Bumble Bear

The Bumble Bear

By Nadia Shireen
Published by Penguin Random House

Have you ever been really, really hungry and would literally do anything for your favourite snack? Even dress up as a bee and pretend to be one just to get your paws on some delicious honey? 

Norman is a cheeky little bear that really, really loves honey. But when his honey stash runs out he has to hatch a genius plan to get himself some more. So he disguises himself as a bee and enrols himself in Bee School.

Unfortunately Norman's love of honey gets the better of him and he ends up gobbling up all the honey in the Bee's Secret Honey Store. The Bees realise he is really a bear and is booted out of Bee school. But when the Bees end up facing a bigger threat to their honey than Norman, its left up to Norman to save the day. 

Nadia's signature style is here again, with cute quirky characters adorning each page. As with her other books, the story is full of humour that younger readers will love. 

Another lovely story from Nadia Shireen, and who doesn't like cheeky bears with a love for honey? The Bumble Bear is available to buy at all good bookshops and online at the Ladybird website.

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