Monday, 13 June 2016

The Lines on Nana's Face

The Lines on Nana's Face

By Simona Ciraolo
Published by Flying Eye Books

I was look forward to reading anything new by the hugely talented, Simona Ciraolo. The Lines on Nana's Face is her latest offering and it's another emotional gem.

The story centre's around a little girl and her grandmother. It's the grandmother'd birthday and her curious little granddaughter wonders why her Nana looks like she's happy, a bit sad, a little surprised and slightly worried all at the same time. Her grandmother explains that it's to do with all the lines on her face - each one a precious memory.  

The little girl then picks out certain lines on her grandmother's face and the grandmother explains how she came to get each one. We then see each memory, some happy surprises and others that are sad. The little girl then asks which line represents the first time her grandmother saw her, and the grandmother shows the biggest crease of all - her smile.

This is another beautifully illustrated story from Simona, with heart warming characters and aspects from life we can all relate to. Very much like Simona's second picture book, Whatever Happened to My Sister? (which I reviewed here last year) the illustrations are in the same vain, and emotionally the story tugs at the same heartstrings. The perfect book to bring a grandmother closer to her grandchildren and a very imaginative way to explain all those wrinkles!

The Lines on Nana's Face is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Flying Eye Book's website.

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