Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Goodnight Spaceman

Goodnight Spaceman

Written by Michelle Robinson
Illustrated by Nick East
Published by Puffin

After following Tim Peake's time in space, which has flown by, Goodnight Spaceman was produced in collaboration with the European Space Agency and Tim himself. The book is inspired by his mission and his own two young sons, who dream of joining their dad on his adventures in space. 

It's nighttime, and two little boys are getting ready for bed. With the curtains open, they say goodnight shuttle, base, deepest, darkest space. 'Goodnight spaceman, far away.' And counting down, it's lift off....the two brothers are transported to a rocket that is about to take off. With the boys on board, they leave the world behind and make their way to the space station where their dad is waiting to welcome them aboard. Then it's time to explore outside the space station and say goodnight to all the stars and planets before it's time to return to Earth and their beds.

Goodnight Spaceman is a lovely book that will encourage an interest in science and space. Even though the story is about the boys' imagination, and dreaming of seeing their dad, the book is a nice simple introduction for young children into space, planets and what else may be found out there in the dark.

The letter at the beginning from Tim Peake, makes a lovely touch, especially for children who have been following Tim, these last 6 months. The illustrations are colourful and work well with the rhyming story which I enjoyed. I'm sure it will be a hit with your little space explorers.

This is the sixth book for Michelle Robinson and Nick East in the Goodnight series. A delightful book that will get young children excited about space. Available in all good book shops or online here.

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